It’s been over a year since I’ve updated the blog, but I certainly haven’t been idle. I’ve been plugging away at Cooties, and, since Salt Lake City finally has an official twice-yearly Comic Con (two blocks from where I work, no less), I finally decided to get down to business and get a print edition put together. Cooties issue #1 debuted at Salt Lake Comic Con on September 4th, and is now up for sale on Indyplanet!

I shared a table with fellow indie comicker Mark Harmon, and I met my goal of breaking even. I learned a ton about tabling in Artist Alley; foremost, people visiting AA are┬ámore interested in buying original art of their favorite characters from creators than they are in independent comics they’ve never heard of. I made a lot more money drawing commissions than I did with Cooties. Something to think about for next time.

Anyway, here are shots of some of the commissions I did:

1 – Rocket & Groot!
2 – TMNT Mikey
3- Daryl and Rick from The Walking Dead
4 – Some video game characters I’d never heard of
5 – 50’s greaser Batman!
6 – Steampunk Ron Swanson
7 – Ronan the Accuser from GotG (How it REALLY should have ended)
To sum up, I had a blast, and even let my sons have some time selling their drawings at my table (I would have killed for that at their age). I met a lot of great people, and am looking forward to my next opportunity to table again next year!