I have to apologize for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been busy preparing to table at Salt Lake Comic Con this week. The majority of my free time for the past month has been devoted to creating a print of almost 40 Marvel characters from the Marvel Studios movies, as well as a bit of freelance work, and Cooties unfortunately took a backseat. I thought I’d be able to have a comic up for tomorrow; however, there are a lot of little things I still need to do to prepare. And frankly, I’m just exhausted.

After this next week, though, Cooties will be the only thing on my plate. I’ve got just about 20 pages left to finish Infestation, and I want to have the whole thing done and posted before the holidays. I will therefore be updating the comic twice a week in order to do this, starting a week from tomorrow! A nine-year effort will finally be coming to fruition for me.

This started out as a silly experiment in creating comics for the web, and the scope of the story ended up being a lot more than I thought it would. I have learned a lot from the many, many mistakes I have made through the process of creating this, and I plan to make some changes. But that’s a topic I will come back to at the end of the year. 🙂

In the meantime, if any of you are in the Salt Lake area, I hope to see you this Thursday, Friday or Saturday! I will be selling print editions of issues 1 & 2 of Cooties; these are re-colored, re-lettered versions from what you see on the site, along with a few reworked punchlines and such! I will be doing original art commissions, and selling 11″ x 17″ prints of my Marvel Cinematic Universe pic, seen below. I’ll be at booth Light Blue 28 in Artist Alley!