CootiesOn June 23, 2006, Cooties officially began its online life.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, I’m offering everyone 25% off of my first book collection. Get the 222-page manga-sized book for $15.00 from now until June 23! It’s a great gift for your grade school age kids, or for anyone who loves fun action sci-fi!

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Now, on to the harshing of mellows, although probably just mine.

TMI alert.

I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching over the last little while. I’ve been divorced for a year and a half now, living with family so I can still support my kids. As my financial situation continues to worsen, I have to face reality. I want to move out of this basement and find a home closer to my kids, one they can also feel at home in. To do that, I am going to have to either get a second job working for someone else, or maximize the financial viability of my freelance illustration gig.

I have chosen the latter.

I am going to start focusing all of my artistic energy into what will give me the most return for my efforts, and while Cooties has been a labor of love for me, it has essentially been a decade long hobby into which I can no longer afford to pour my energy full time. I know the comic has a few followers; trying to sell a book collection of something that people can read online for free, however, has shown me that followers don’t necessarily translate into fans. So there are two or three of you who are probably genuinely disappointed that I won’t be updating with any set frequency, but the rest of you will read this and move on. I thank you for taking the time over the last ten years to encourage me in this comic. I have learned a lot, mostly about what not to do in the future, so this has been valuable and fun. This site will remain active, but if any of you are interested in keeping tabs on my work, just follow me on social media or my blog.

Thanks for the memories. While I may post the occasional update here and there, it will be in the cracks between freelance jobs, so I won’t continue with a set schedule.