3 years ago, I completed a 10-chapter-long story arc, running almost a decade and 200+ pages. That’s a hard way to build an audience. A 3-year hiatus is even worse.

After all this time, I have finally come to the conclusion that this comic and these characters will always stay with me. And I want to share them for as long as I’m able. Will I become rich or famous from it? No. And that’s fine. I love my day job, but it is still a personal mission for me to create professional-quality work; just not necessarily for a company any more. I want to create art for me, and for anyone who might enjoy it.

So, here’s the new status quo: I will create this comic 1 22-page issue at a time. When the issue is done, I’ll put it up for sale on IndyPlanet, for those who would like the whole thing in print, with extra print-exclusive content inside. At the same time, I’ll be updating the site twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. There may be a small hiatus between issues, but I will continue to keep you posted with progress on the next one.

As of now, issue 11 will be posting with Page 1 on Thursday, September 13, and will run through the end of November. Where issues 1-10 were a continuing story, think of issue 11 more as a stand-alone sitcom episode. It’s mostly jokes and some character development, while I work on the next big storyline. I experimented with a limited color palette for each scene; I’m not sure if I like it. I know I will definitely be going back to full-color for the next long-form story.

Without further adieu, if I even have any readers anymore, here we go!