The holiday season is coming up soon, and with it more comic projects for me to make because I’m too poor to give my family & friends real presents. Like last year, in order to avoid a hiatus I will be doing single-panel updates through the rest of 2008. Those of you who can stand the slow pace will be rewarded with regular updates, and those of you who don’t, I look forward to your return in 2009.

Also, when I got hooked up here at SpiderForest, I also was given a forum for the comic. I’m not sure my readership can support one yet (my chatbox isn’t terribly active as it is), but I want to give it a shot. At the very least, I would really appreciate it if any of you who consider yourselves regular readers would make a post in the Welcome thread so I can at least know who you are. I promise I won’t stalk you!

Thanks, folks!