So yeah, Cooties has been on hiatus for over a year now. I am happy to announce that it is returning, hopefully within the next couple of months. I want to get at least 20 pages completed before I start updating (above is a small preview of the first 3 pages), so I have time to work on the rest of the first story without feeling rushed.

I’ve been creating the art entirely on my iPad, and doing the word balloons/lettering on my desktop with GIMP. I can’t tell you how hooked I am on being able to draw and color this comic wherever I feel like it. The freedom is very conducive to creating!

Secondly, I’m anxious to start getting Cooties made in print editions, too. The app Sketchbook Pro, with which I create my pages, supposedly can do it in high enough resolution that I can print them manga-sized through Ka-Blam. I’ll print a test issue when I’ve got enough completed pages done to see how it works. Wish me luck, and HECK YEAH I’M WEBCOMICKING AGAIN.