SLCCThis past weekend I was able to attend Salt Lake City’s first annual Comic Con! With record-setting attendance and the draw of folks like Stan Lee, William Shatner & Adam West, it was definitely considered a success. It was the very first comic con I’d ever attended, and I got to meet some of my favorite local artists like Mark Harmon, Howard Tayler, Brandon Dayton and Jake Parker.

It really got a bug in me to be on the other side of the convention table next year. I am really committed to getting some of my work in print and sale-ready so I can participate. I loved the excitement and atmosphere and want to be a part of it next time!

Unbeknownst to me, it appears that I was part of the con in a minute, miniscule way, albeit one I was happy to find out about. There was a “Mormons & Comics” panel (can I just say I freaking love Utah?), and I was featured in presenter Eric Jepsen’s video for 10 seconds. Check it out! My mention’s at the 16-minute mark.