This week’s SpiderForest comic is The Sundown Boys by Emma Pillette:

“The Sundown Boys is an original webcomic set in an alternate, dystopian future where cities, states, and even countries have succumbed to the richest and most dangerous criminal organizations.  They make the rules and the world is a very dark place.  As a consequence of the current war between the DeSaule Organization from New York and Corporativo Tecnologías Militares Nuñez based out of Mexico, the streets of New York City, once bustling, lie barren.  Robert, Leon, and Geoffrey Heron work as soldiers and assassins for the DeSaule Organization.  Their younger brother Timothy, too young to fight and less skilled than his seemingly superhuman brothers, stays home.  Their futures seem bleak.  But everything changes after a chance encounter with a girl from Leon’s past.  Suddenly, the brothers find themselves swept up in a major conspiracy which will reveal not only a startling secret about the brothers’ abilities, but also long-kept secrets from within the DeSaule Organization itself.”