Guest art – if you do a webcomic, I will always welcome and post all-ages appropriate guest art!
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To Me

by Mitsukaiten , Cetiya

by Mirz , Bitmap World

Another bit of guest art from my son, Nate!
A Christmas strategy
by Kez , The War of Winds

by Eve Z, Synthetic Life

by Jason Dunstan & Trevor Adams, Ardra

by James Douglas, Monty & Wooley

by Nate, my son!

by Nervous Spy, B-Movie Comic

by Justin Tant, Flounderville

by Dutch, School Spirit

by Jack Carter, Chronicles of Tilly

by Mark Oakley, Superstar Galactica

by Emma Kane, Life of the Kalahari

by Nervous Spy, B-Movie Comic

From Me

Calamities of Nature

Cat Legend

2008 Christmas Gift Art Swap, Indifferently Evil

67th Avenue

Union of Heroes

School Spirit


Christmas 2007 gift art, Lightbringer

cover art, The Green Avenger

War of Winds

School Spirit


Foxfire Chronicles


Life of the Kalahari

Sharing a Universe

Miscellaneous Goodies

Sampler page

Facial expressions exercise

Evolution: 2006-2009

Winter wallpaper
1600 X 1200
1024 X 768
800 X 600

2009 New Year pic